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Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi
Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi
Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi
Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi
Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi
Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi

Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi

Rolluik Schakelaar / Smart WiFi
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  • Brand: Livolo Europe
  • Product Ref: VL-C702W-WiFi
  • Dimensions: 80.00 x 80.00 x 0.00
  • Panel Type: 702
  • Module Type: WW-C702W
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Compatible Home Automation Platforms
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Tuya Smart, Smart Life

Curtain Switch / Smart WiFi

Product powered by 'Livolo Europe'

This Smart Wifi Switch can be controlled directly over wifi (No gateway or extra hub is required), and It is manufactured according to the European standard sizes, so you can install it easily on all European standard wall mounting boxes.

Through the Smart Life APP, you can even define a specified interval for the switch to work each/every day, This makes you able to create automation or scenario for your electrical home appliances.

By creating the scenario through the smart life app you may make 2, 3, 4 way wifi connection between your switches to control a light from different locations. The great advantage of our wifi switches is that they do not need to be connected to each other physically through wires as they can communicate with each other through wifi.

The possibilities are endless but for example, you can set the scenario the way, when you touch the switch A, which is originally for the light, then activate the curtain switch close button to close the curtain.

Please note: By using the 2 way WiFi Smart Switches you may always have the possibility to hardwire the switches like the traditional switches with each other so in case your home WiFi network goes down you may still control the light from different locations.

The compatibility with third-party platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, Smart Life, Tuya Smart, Samsung SmartThings, Brilliant Smart and IFTTT brings a lot of flexibility in the term of functionality.

An easy example for IFTTT (IF This Then That) controlling through Brilliant Smart application.

  • IF Sunset, Then Turn on the Living room right.
  • IF I am in a certain distance from my home THEN turn on front door light. 

You may find more at the following link. CLICK HERE

Voice controlling your home appliance through Amazon Alexa or Google Home is another advantage of our smart wifi switch which can make your life even easier.

Please note that:

  • By separately taking the WiFi Smart Modules and glass panels from the Mix & Match section you may make any combination.
  • The Wifi series switches do not support Livolo APP, It can be controlled through above-mentioned applications.
  • The smart switch needs neutral wiring, Please check the wiring diagram at the bottom of the page or in our instruction centre page.

For “TECHNICAL PARAMETERS” please check “Specification” section.

Europaan Standard Smart Wifi switch
Product Specification
Mechanical Life 100,000 Times of operation
Max. Voltage AC 110-250V/50-60Hz
Max. Current 5A
Dimension 80mm ⨯ 80mm ⨯ 40mm
Model Number VL-C702W-WiFi
Panel Material Tempered Crystal Glass Panel
Total Rated Load 1000W
Operating Environment -30~70 centigrade; less than 95% RH
Self Consuming Power Less than 0.1mW
Function Smart Wifi Wall Light Switch Touch Screen Control
Warranty 2 Year
  • 100%
  • 0%
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