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Livolo Panel Variety

Livolo Panel Variety
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Livolo Panel Variety

Livolo Crystal panels for EU standard wall Switches and sockets.

Please note:

  • In the options selection, the number "1" and "2" are representing the number of buttons for each switch module and the letter "S" represents the square opening inside the glass panel.
  • The processing time for the Gold Variety Panels is always between 10-15 days.
  • The Grey, Gold and White crystal panels do not always exist with Grey, Gold and White backside frame on all varieties and you may receive them with the black backside frame. You may contact us for confirmation before placing your order.

Product Specification
Function Variety of Livolo Crystal panels for EU standard wall Switches
Dimension Triple Size: 223mm ⨯ 80mm ⨯ 4mm Quadruple Size: 294mm ⨯ 80mm ⨯ 4mm Quintuple Size: 364mm ⨯ 80mm ⨯ 4mm
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